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Great animation idea. If you want to use PM me

2009-10-11 21:41:00 by FlamingOwl

Anyone ever had a snap war? It's a thing were you snap at some one, and they snap that snap back at you. It would be hilarious if someone would make an animation that had two people fighting with there snaps. It would show the sound waves flying at each other, they get carried away with the snap fight and are doing amazing acrobatics off buildings, they get on the roof top and have an epic snapping fight scene.

At the same time, they both snap at each other, causing a huge explosion. It destroys the building and it shows them, in slow motion, jumping from all the rubble, while it is still falling, and still snapping at each other. After that, an even more "EPIC'er" fight scene happens. One of they guys gets hit by a snap and go's flying into a building. It collapses on top of him. The victor walks away all bloody from the battle.

Then it shows a scene were later that day a bloody hand pokes out of the rubble.


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